boudicca spring 2010.

4:12 PM

Queen Boudicca (AKA Boadicea) Led the revolt by the ancient Britons against the Roman invaders 60 AD The Britons had become slaves to the Roman Empire and their humiliation continued with the public flogging of Queen Boudicca and the rape of her two daughters. Boudicca raised an army and sacked Colchester, then marched her army on London - Her army marched down Bishopsgate and burnt London to the ground. - And to this day archaeologists still refer to a red layer under London as the Boudicca Layer. After the Roman reinforcements arrived there was a huge battle in which the Britons were defeated. Instead of surrendering to the Romans Boudicca fled and killed herself by drinking Hemlock. - There are many myths about the final resting place of Boudicca - One of them being under Platform 13
at St Pancreas. From this Myth we took the name Platform 13 for our company
name and

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