the smallest garden.

7:01 PM

chae young kim.

+ idea...
I grew up at the unique place where had been developed by the government's scheme for more accommodations around the capital city. When my family moved to that place, constructions had not been finished yet, so it gave unusual combinations around the city.
I had the benefits of civilisation with all the new buildings with the latest technology at the one side of the city, but suddenly I met the native village in pristine wildlife at the other side of the city just across the road.
In these interesting surroundings, I had medical treatment and also natural healings in nature, an amazing healer mentally and physically, during my weak and sensitive childhood.
I found the interesting connection between man and nature in this way, with mathematical structures of nature, for example Fractal Structure which explains the concept that the smallest elements of things construct the entire universe, has been an important motif for the designs.
+ process...
- studies about the structures of plants (which can be extended further to entire nature) and using mathematical graphic programs by which you create images with scripts and formulas
- lineations which reflect basic elements of nature
- unique impression of hand drawings along with keen digital emotions at the same time
- subtle optical illusions from a distance by printed on fine silk and tufted

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