just found at the thrift store.

6:35 PM

this book is so sweet and pretty funny with all the biblical references/recipes.
Spice Cookery by Helmut Ripperger 1942. i also found his book on mushroom cookery and of course gave it to the o-so-awesome forager, willis.
here's a couple of favorites from the book:

Nasturtium Seeds:
There are, i believe, people who say that they can prepare a leg of lamb so that it tastes "just like venison." Why they should want to do this i cannot tell, and i am confident that they fool no one but themselves. Here is florence white's receipt for pickling nasturtium seeds and i hasten to assure my readers that they taste like a very good nasturtium seeds and not like capers.
To one quart of white vinegar add one and a half ounces of salt, one shallot, some whole pepper corns, a few pieces of mace, some grated nutmeg and some horseradish. The proper amount of spices can be determined by the individual taste. Boil this for five minutes and then pour it into a glass jar. Cover, and when it is cold, strain off into another glass jar. Keep the jar tightly covered and see to it that the cover is not made of metal and that no metal comes into contact with the spiced vinegar. As the nasturtium blossoms fall gather the seeds and drop them into the pickle. Miss White stresses the fact that seeds should be gathered as soon as the blossoms fall and before they get hard.

Curried Carrots:
It is said that eating carrots improves one's visibility at night. True or false, here is an interesting manner of preparing them. Boil young carrots until tender and then cut them in quarters lengthwise. They should have been cooked in no more than a cup of water. Make a roux of one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of flour and one cup of heavy cream. Add the carrot water to this and season with a pinch of salt, a pinch of black pepper and one teaspoon of curry powder. Pour over carrots and serve.

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