artists from gugging.

3:59 PM

rudolf horacek.

anton dobay.

oswald tschirtner.

The art/brut centre gugging is the only cultural centre of its kind. Since 2006 it uses three buildings to unite the different `features´ that the Gugging → Art Brut has developed over the past 40 years:
The by now world renowned House of Artists, place of work and residence for some important draughtsmen, painters and poets who have long left behind the stigma of being former chronic psychiatric patients – and who are now running their own gallery. A museum, which comprises an extensive collection of Gugging and international art, but which also holds changing exhibitions to present artists of other catagories. A library, a research area, an open studio, a museum shop and a small function venue, the Villa, fit together as modules to complete the whole picture.

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