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Undocumented Migration Project

These photos come from the first season of the Undocumented Migration
Project (UMP), a long-term anthropological analysis of undocumented
migration that examines this clandestine phenomenon in multiple
geographic contexts (e.g., US/Mexico border, Arizona desert,
Mexico/Guatemala border) using a wide range of methodological
approaches (i.e., archaeology, ethnography, and bioarchaeology). This
unique project combines archaeological and ethnographic field methods
to understand the relationship between the material remains that
migrants leave in the desert and the economic and social behaviors
responsible for the production, consumption, and deposition of these
goods. Unlike many migration-focused projects that analyze sending
communities or receiving communities, this project focuses
specifically on the behavior of border crossing, the events that occur
before and after the act itself, and the archaeological fingerprints
that this process leaves in the deserts of southern Arizona and
Department of Anthropology
University of Washington
Made possible by a grant from the National Science Foudation

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