what does your day smell like?

5:25 PM

is smell a factor in memory? what comes first?
i remember the smells, rather than the visuals of my first oyster experience, the campfire at the yosemite lodge while being told stories of the "firefalls", the smell of cheese that lived in the wood floors at the old lucca deli in san lorenzo (when my nana would take me)....

designing an experience through scent?
i have a perfume that i sell in my store that is called smiley. they call it happy therapy.
how it works: "it is in nature that smiley discovered the components of it's happy therapy found in cocoa extracts. cocoa contains phenylethylamine which sets off a feeling of joy, excitement and euphoria, and theobromine which blocks the specific receivers of adrenalin that create stress. thus, decreases the effects of stress leaving you with a comfortable feeling of well being and happiness."
i was skeptical at first and then began to giggle a lot whenever it was sprayed. it's been an interesting experiment to have in the shop and watch how people react to the scent. sometimes i spray it on the heater when no one is around and pay attention to the next customers mood...

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