pickle castors.

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Victorian Antique pickle castors are a table accessory generally consisting of a silver plated frame fitted with a glass insert, matching silver plated lid, and matching tongs. Antique Pickle castors were very popular during the Victorian era. The antique pickle castor inserts may be found either in early American pattern glass (EAPG) or in art glass. As a rule, the fancier ornate and figural frames were reserved for the more intricately decorated jars of fine enamels and rich glass forms such as peach blow, cranberry, blue, amber and rare green inserts.

Antique silver plate manufacturers such as Wilcox Silver Co., Reed & Barton Silver Co., Rogers Bros., Southington Silver Co., Middletown Silver Co., Pairpoint Silver Co., Meriden Silver Co., James Tufts & Co., are highly sought after and are regarded as one of the top makers of Victorian antique pickle castors. These companies bought glass to accent their wares. And, antique glass makers also contracted with silver plate makers to provide frames for the best examples of their work. The collectibility of antique pickle castors is high and the variety of decoration and type means something for everyone.

i got my husband one of these this year and have been obsessed ever since.
of course, the one i found was not as fancy as some of these.....
more here.

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  1. i have never even heard of these. so cool. i love the idea of glorifying pickles. they deserve it.