a restaurant for plants.

To create each menu, I’ve drawn on research into the physiology of plants. A lot of it was done by NASA, who were looking into farming on Mars, and some came from the Siberian Academy of Sciences, out of their practical need to try to feed people in the winter. The other big source of information was probably the most advanced people in the world as far as thinking about everything to do with cultivating plants: pot growers. They’re incredibly adept at these sort of things.

Of course, pot growers, Siberian scientists, and potential Martian farmers all share a common goal, which is to put plants even more in our service than they already are. They are giving plants meals that are meant to fatten them up in order for us then to consume them. It isn’t about the plants’ enjoyment at all. It’s about cramming in the calories, to use a human or animal equivalent, whereas what I’m looking to do is to give my patrons the sort of culinary experience that we enjoy when we go to a restaurant.


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